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Create your simple stylish job resume with Sumry.

Create your simple stylish job resume with Sumry.

All aspects of a job search is time consuming and it is mostly expected that you create a standard resume because everyone else does. This is not always the best way to describe who you are and what you can bring to your next job. is a resume-building service that aims to help job applicants catch the eye of recruiters by spicing up their resume. Sumry is designed for job seekers who do not want to be just another piece of paper in the stack, and instead transform your resume into a delicate and transparent website.

Because I'm an actual person with real life experiences and a unique personality.

All applicants of course have their own personality and this rarely stands out in a standard resume. This is where can help you to create a customized resume that catches the attention of recruiters and employers.


It is very easy to get started with the service and when you're logged in, it is almost self-explanatory. And with a little preparation you make a perfect personal resume in under half an hour. Itยดs a fun way to tell your story, apply for jobs and get noticed by employers.

I really like how my content ease in while I scroll down my Sumry page.

Sumry guides users through the process step by step and divide up your resume in six different categories that you can remove and add as you prefer. The service want to let you focus on telling your story and not just a list of skills. 


Gone are the days of sending out a bunch of cover letters and resumes and then stressing about if they even read them!

It's super easy to apply for jobs!, you are notified the second they read your cover letter and then when they read your resume. Check it out!

Start building your resume and get your dream job with!

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