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Swipes app - a whole new experience in productivity!

Swipes app - a whole new experience in productivity!

The Danish startup, Swipes, launched a whole new experience for its users just in time to prepare for New Year’s resolutions. The major development is Swipes Plus, a package of brand new design and an expansion of platforms.

Now Swipes has a responsive web app, making it available to desktop and iPad. With all the new features, the startup aims to take a big leap on the productivity market. 


The founders consider this big release as defining moment for their business. They entered the market only half a year ago with a product driven by passion and need, since Swipes was initially intended for internal use.

Surprisingly (or perhaps not), Swipes took off with immediate success, spreading to 110 countries just 5 weeks after the release. Now, tens of thousands of users are head over heels in love with the app and use it for all their daily tasks!

To see the cool new design of Swipes, check out the promo video: 

The new update will enhance the value to the hard-core users, giving them the option to plan their daily to-dos on all their devices, put focus on priorities, and share a list of tasks via email.

For the affordable price of either $1/month or $10/year, the founders believe this is a bargain for all users who’ll benefit from these new features.

For less hard-core users who just want a simple daily planner on their phone, Swipes happily keeps the core app free.

It’s not about getting the extra $1 from a user. It’s about delivering a real value for it, says Kasper Pihl Tornoe, the CEO of Swipes!


About Swipes.

Swipes is a daily planner, offering a simplified GTD (getting-things-done) technique for everyone: take action on the priorities now, snooze the rest for later. It’s a beautifully designed and easy to use app that has one goal in mind: To get you to task list Zero. And it even cheers you on along the way.

Based on the psychology behind the world famous technique for productivity, GTD, the app really gets you going for a highly productive day. 

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